The Kingdom of Ernor

The Kingdom of Ernor
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 can someone explian

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PostSubject: can someone explian   can someone explian Icon_minitimeFri Sep 12, 2008 6:50 pm

what there is to be excited about in this game..
i play wow for the pvp..... and i agree that RNG kills wow
but im going to try to play warhammer becuase it seems to me that if you want to play a game like this (dfo) you should just play
fucking counterstrike or something..
im the first one to get hyped or be a fanboi of a game but honestly to me this looks absolutely fucking stupid..
WHAT at all is skillfull or fun about spamming left click (i heard theres no autoattack) and aiming around to hit people in a wierd third person view....
it just seems very basic old and fucking stupid...
i would be quick to change my mind, im not posting here to bash the game, i dont need my opinion heard by everyone ever just becuase
i was only hoping that someone could change my mind.
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can someone explian
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