The Kingdom of Ernor

The Kingdom of Ernor
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 10-man groups

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PostSubject: 10-man groups   10-man groups Icon_minitimeSun Dec 07, 2008 7:11 am

These are the 10 man groups for Naxx, Obsidian Sanctuary, AND ARCHAVON (Stone Keeper's Vault):
(Names listed in alphabetical order)

Group 1:
Early group, 6-10 PM Server time, Tuesday and Wednesday (sometimes Thursday)

Group leaders: Axoen, Evilp
Tanks: Axoen, Ryzzak
Healers: Carris, Evilp, Hrolfgar, Tzeenchh
DPS: Blec, Lolchair, Chacattax, Haee, Nadalol, Smell


Group 2:
Late night group, starts at 1 AM Server, goes till you pass out, Wednesday morning(Tuesday night depending how you look at it) and Thursday (sometimes Friday)

Group leaders: Cloudsong, Buddhist
Tanks: Papajustify, Sensura
Healers: Stretcher, Tbones, Shift
DPS: Barilzar, Buddhist, Bundlez, Cloudsong, Deadwin, Aurturion, Avendesora

Group 3:
Early group, starts at 6-10PM Server time, Wednesday and Thursday (sometimes Friday)

Group leaders:
Tanks: Coress, Jimmypage
Healers: Daoikus
DPS: Agari, Crocop, Remyschott, Deweylol


If anyone wants in a group, please whisper me (Cloudsong) or Buddhist, or someone else (I don't know who, nor do I care, maybe Evilp or something).

REMEMBER: These groups are for 10 mans, Tuesday through Friday (and sometimes Monday). Saturday and Sunday are 25 mans, BE ONLINE AND READY FOR THEM!
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10-man groups
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