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 How we handle our phat lewtz

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How we handle our phat lewtz Empty
PostSubject: How we handle our phat lewtz   How we handle our phat lewtz Icon_minitimeSun Dec 07, 2008 8:26 am

We use the method known as Loot Communism.

What is Loot Communism? Basically, I means we turn on master-looter and we give everything to people we like.

The people we like are the people that benefit the raid the most.

Who benefits the raid the most? In order to raid at all, you need tanks. Tanks need to be defense capped, and need high avoidance passed that. Tanks need gear the most, so if it's good for a tank (including Tier tokens) then it's defaulted to them.

After that, we go for who would benefit most from the item, we like people who can benefit from things.



Item level 213 epic trinket drops, it has spirit, haste, and spell power. This is probably best for a healer, one who benefits from spirit, therefore, Druid/Priest. Now we check if we have Druids or Priest healers in the raid, if we do, we check who would benefit the most from the item, while taking into account all kinds of other nonsense. If both/all people are similarly geared (level 200-213 epics), we ask if they want it, (sometimes a person will just pass to some one else for w/e reason, like they are about to craft something better anyway, etc.). If they both(or all) want it, they can roll for it. If no one wanted it, it could have gone to someone it would have benefited less, a caster DPS for instance.

If all of them have epic trinkets except for one individual has some crappy one, we will usually default it to that person, assuming all else is equal.

If attendance isn't equal, we're probably going to give it to the person who shows up more (new members excluded, of course).

Keep in mind, if you spend lots of time, effort, and gold, getting crafted gear, or farming heroics for emblems or w/e, you don't have to pass on upgrades to scrubs who were just lazy and didn't bother doing the same.
Example: A level 213 epic off-hand drops. Two Rogues could benefit from this item in the raid. Baddhist has the level 200 epic Emblem of Heroism off-hand, and Buddhist was a lazy fucker, so he's still using a 187 Blue Off-hand. Even though it would be a bigger upgrade for Buddhist, you would BOTH get to roll. Laziness =/= Gear

Here's an example of an item that would be good for two people that gets defaulted to one of them: One priest has high attendance, just didn't get many healer cloth drops, druid also has high attendance, got plenty of leather drops, we might give the trinket to the priest, who, though he raids a lot, is still a bit under-geared. (The previous situation actually happened)


This is why we Loot Communism:
-DKP systems encourage people to pass on upgrades, so you can save your DKP for a few really good items that you might get out-bid on anyway.

-DKP systems are very flawed (generally) in how gear is distributed by point value, people could just work out ahead of time who's getting what so you only have to bid a small amount of dkp for the item you want.

-It's hard to handle loot when people are low on DKP, if you're the only person that would benefit from an item, but you just spent the last of your dkp, would it be fair to give you the item? Should the item just be Disenchanted, even though it's an upgrade?

-Handling DKP per person, per boss kill, is hard to work out how much you get per boss, what the minimum per item would be, and how to hand out DKP to stand-bys who were available but the raid was full.

"Oh wise Magical man, why not use the default, need/greed/pass system?"
We don't need scrubs needing on gear that would be better for other people (off tank is still wearing some blue shoulders, Tier token for shoulders drops, every class rolls need for it), I think I've made that pretty clear already, you stupid fuck.

With Loot Communism, we can take everyone into consideration for what is best for the raid, yes it's a little complex some times, but it's better than people either not getting geared, or getting pissed off when some Mage jacks the Emerald Ripper the first week of TBC... not that I would do something like that...

Everyone is Communist, not just officers, everyone gets a say in the shit that drops, everyone gets to decide who we like.

We probably won't keep this method forever, but for the sake of guild progression, this is the best way to handle it until key members (mainly tanks) are geared.

During any raid or anything, you think we're doing something wrong, or just don't know why gear is being distributed the way it is, please say something. You don't need to spend the rest of the night looking like this scratch , besides, no one will get pissed at people asking questions. Unless of course, your question is retarded.

We don't like Fay.
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How we handle our phat lewtz Empty
PostSubject: Re: How we handle our phat lewtz   How we handle our phat lewtz Icon_minitimeSun Dec 07, 2008 10:28 am

FUCK fay, man! FUCK that guy!
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How we handle our phat lewtz
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