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The Kingdom of Ernor
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 The TKoE clan

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PostSubject: The TKoE clan   Wed Aug 20, 2008 8:29 pm

ive been doing some reading on DFO and i noticed that even if your friends with people in the game, it will be extremely hard to maintain a clan with all different races...

just wondering whether we will limit the races for people who join in the clan?

also, who will we get to to do the legistical crap around the place? i dont know bout some of you but im rolling a Mahirim and killing people, not farming or blacksmithing (a little for my own/clan's use) for a full-time job...

finally, who will be the clan leader? Baddhist i figure, but i might as well ask...
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PostSubject: Re: The TKoE clan   Wed Aug 20, 2008 11:07 pm


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PostSubject: Re: The TKoE clan   Fri Oct 31, 2008 3:35 am

I've been thinking we'd go Mahirim+Ork. We don't know yet whether or not they'll make hired clan-city guards attack players of the wrong race. Hopefully they won't, so that we can have more race freedom.

Certainly some people will be interested in crafting. I know I will be. Maybe not as something I spend all my time doing, but I'm sure while I rape random people, I'll want to be able to craft things out of the shit I loot from them.

Yeah, I'll be the leader, but really everything is open for opinions.
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PostSubject: Re: The TKoE clan   

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The TKoE clan
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